Anti Theft Travel Bags

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Continue reading to learn which travel bag is their most favorite. Anti theft bags might help shield your property by making it more strenuous for thieves to slash during your bag or cut the strap.

In Paris: A traveler shared a tale of seeing someone whole bag get slashed from the underside.

In Southeast Asia: It’s typical for thieves on motorcycles to drive past you as well as cut or rip the strap of the travel bag from your arm, in several cases, dragging you with them.

In Tanzania: A volunteer was assaulted for her bag with a knife. While theft does occur, it should not deter you from enjoying your travels.

You will find two main brands offering anti theft bags: Travelon and Pacsafe.

If you would like to find feminine anti theft journey bags, then Travelon has a broader variety of choices. For a more conventional journey bag, Travelon has a big collection of styles in all shapes, colours, and sizes. There is also a back pack bag which is sufficiently sizable to fit a laptop computer and could readily function as a great day pack while traveling around important cities. Where Pacsafe really excels is their anti theft journey back packs.

Product DetailsChoose a cross body bag and constantly wear the strap across the body, do not wear the strap hung over one shoulder.

Avoid transporting your entire valuables in your journey bag in busy tourist locations or when attending markets or festivals. Use added anti theft products like a brassiere pouch or money belt to conceal the most of your cash. Have your bag situated towards the front, not against your back side when walking. Hold your bag close to you when in crowded trains or public transport.

Customer’s Review:

I bought this for a trip to Peru with the anticipation of crowded streets with pick pocketers. Didn’t run into anyone actively trying to grab my bag but it was reassuring knowing my straps were safe from slashing.

This is a good size for city travels but I found myself wishing for more space when I was out and about all day and was cramming a lot into this backpack.

I was able to squeeze a water bottle, camera, small wallet, phone and a few other miscellaneous items into the bag but it was tight and I regretted not purchasing a larger backpack. It was much more manageable when we reached Lima and I didn’t need to carry as much with me but I still wished for a larger bag so I could have carried my camera and a light jacket without feeling like the zippers were going to burst.

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